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Blueberries thrive in acidic, boggy soil and are native to North America. The Americans have several names for the fruit, including hurtleberry, bilberry and whortleberry. Native Americans found blueberries extremely versatile - they developed the practice of drying them in the sun and using them to flavour cakes; they also pounded them and added them to meat dishes and soups. Did you know ?

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Vedio Clips - Diabetic Recipe: Sugar Cookies

Celebrate a holiday or any special occasion with these low-fat sugar cookies. Sponsored by Liberty Medical, your source for diabetes supplies at little or no cost. www.LibertyMedical.com 1-866-6-LIBERTY

Some Comments

"Diabetic SUGAR Cookies?

I'd suggest making them into the shape of a free meter, the kind that Liberty Medical customers get. This way, diabetics who eat the sugar cookies will remember to check their blood sugar, and/or think twice about eating them.

An alternative might be to make the cookies into likenesses of Wilford Brimley- whose face will remind any diabetic that they really shouldn't be eating cookies, they should be checking their blood sugar. Often. As often as they should."

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