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Blueberries thrive in acidic, boggy soil and are native to North America. The Americans have several names for the fruit, including hurtleberry, bilberry and whortleberry. Native Americans found blueberries extremely versatile - they developed the practice of drying them in the sun and using them to flavour cakes; they also pounded them and added them to meat dishes and soups. Did you know ?

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Vedio Clips - THE PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookie - CHOW

Tia Harrison, owner of the Lucky Cooky Company, takes simple ingredients and creates a soft, sweet, crisp-crusted cookie, full of melty Guittard milk chocolate drops. It is, indeed, the superior-est chocolate chip cookie. Video by CHOW.com.

Some Comments

"About the strangers touching all over your food, that's how it's done in professional kitchens all over the world. Professional cooks and chefs only wear gloves for REALLY messy jobs. Other than that they just wash their hands...a lot. Watch some episodes of Iron Chef or any of the big cooking shows and you'll see a lot of professional food touching."

" These people haven't got a clue!
You just slap an egg, four olives, 1 tea spoon of vinegar and a bag of sugar in a wok for 80minutes(on low heat) and you're done.
Add some chocolate sprinkles for decoration. "

"It was totally the lighting. Everyone's oven is different, but her methods are wonderful. Leaving the products out the night before DOES help in the heating process. The 350 degrees for that amount of time works well, although 2 minutes at the end might help if the cookies look pretty light after the last one minute. It's not about how the appearance of those cookies look in THAT lighting, it's the texture and the taste. If you use SEMI-SWEET chocolate chips, it comes out very well. Not 2 Sweet."

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