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Blueberries thrive in acidic, boggy soil and are native to North America. The Americans have several names for the fruit, including hurtleberry, bilberry and whortleberry. Native Americans found blueberries extremely versatile - they developed the practice of drying them in the sun and using them to flavour cakes; they also pounded them and added them to meat dishes and soups. Did you know ?

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Hi every body, my name is Kanero
I'm living in Bangkok, Thailand .

I make this blog because I like desserts & snack
So I love to find any low fat dessert recipes form websites .

Then I have collected low fat dessert recipes which I was read in my Blog .
I think it's useful for some body who want to find low fat dessert recipes .

Thank You for all of reviews & comments


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Vedio Clips - How to Make Gourmet Cheesecake (Put Crust in Pan for Cheesecake)

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Vedio Clips - THE PERFECT Chocolate Chip Cookie - CHOW

Tia Harrison, owner of the Lucky Cooky Company, takes simple ingredients and creates a soft, sweet, crisp-crusted cookie, full of melty Guittard milk chocolate drops. It is, indeed, the superior-est chocolate chip cookie. Video by CHOW.com.

Some Comments

"About the strangers touching all over your food, that's how it's done in professional kitchens all over the world. Professional cooks and chefs only wear gloves for REALLY messy jobs. Other than that they just wash their hands...a lot. Watch some episodes of Iron Chef or any of the big cooking shows and you'll see a lot of professional food touching."

" These people haven't got a clue!
You just slap an egg, four olives, 1 tea spoon of vinegar and a bag of sugar in a wok for 80minutes(on low heat) and you're done.
Add some chocolate sprinkles for decoration. "

"It was totally the lighting. Everyone's oven is different, but her methods are wonderful. Leaving the products out the night before DOES help in the heating process. The 350 degrees for that amount of time works well, although 2 minutes at the end might help if the cookies look pretty light after the last one minute. It's not about how the appearance of those cookies look in THAT lighting, it's the texture and the taste. If you use SEMI-SWEET chocolate chips, it comes out very well. Not 2 Sweet."

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Vedio Clips - Diabetic Recipe: Sugar Cookies

Celebrate a holiday or any special occasion with these low-fat sugar cookies. Sponsored by Liberty Medical, your source for diabetes supplies at little or no cost. www.LibertyMedical.com 1-866-6-LIBERTY

Some Comments

"Diabetic SUGAR Cookies?

I'd suggest making them into the shape of a free meter, the kind that Liberty Medical customers get. This way, diabetics who eat the sugar cookies will remember to check their blood sugar, and/or think twice about eating them.

An alternative might be to make the cookies into likenesses of Wilford Brimley- whose face will remind any diabetic that they really shouldn't be eating cookies, they should be checking their blood sugar. Often. As often as they should."

Prepaired by Low Fat Dessert Recipes

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Vedio Clips - High Protein Low Fat Ice Cream

Here is one of my favourite healthy treat recipes High protein ice cream!

Ill mix the following in the blender:

1 cup of egg whites
10-20 frozen strawberries depending on the size (you can also add in other frozen fruit of your choice)
2-3 scoops of vanilla whey protein
2 tablespoonfuls of Splenda

Blend it up until it has a consistency like frozen yoghurt. Youll most likely have to stop and stir up the frozen fruit a couple times to get it to mix well because it is so thick.

Give it a try and then post a comment to let me know how you like it.

Some Comments

" Pretty good actually. I was wondering what you could use to replace eggs? I'm trying to avoid using eggs in my diet, for personal reasons. Is there anything I could use to replace egg whites with? "

"Don't wanna disappoint you guys but this has more calories rhan a real ice cream- but 0 sugar and no fat. Great for bodybuilders, but for dieters it is better if you just make a whipped cream out of the egg whites alone with splenda- lot less calories and pure protein only"

"This video looks very interesting to me. I was wondering if using raw eggs whites would be ok. I noticed you used pasterized whites. How hot does the eggs whites have to be to kill any bacteria? Can i do this on the stove? How likely would it be for me to get Salmonella poisoning without getting pasterzied whites? I'll have to try this recipe. It would cut down on a lot of cooking. Thanks"

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Baking VDO Clips


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Vedio Clips - Light Lemon-Filled Angel Cake Recipe - Low Fat

In this video she used a angel food cake from the deli at her supermarket and fancied it up a bit with pudding and whipped topping--very easy ! Thanks for viewing and commenting !

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The Strawberry

The 'strawberry' was named after the plant's tendency to stray. The English were pioneers of strawberry cultivation in the 19th century, breeding the Downtown and Elton varieties as well as the Keens’ Seedling, which caused a stir because of its size and flavour. Fresh cream has always been the Englishman’s accompaniment of choice; on the Continent crème fraîche is preferred.

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Students arrested, fined for food fight

Only in Wisconsin: Students arrested, fined for food fight

It's officially not fun to be a kid anymore. Yesterday we reported that one teen faces a felony charge for egging a house. Now we have the unfortunate job of reporting that five students were arrested in a Wisconsin high school for starting and participating in a food fight. Where's the fun in being a stupid teen anymore?

As police carted the food-tossing students out of the school in handcuffs, they received a standing ovation from their peers. That's what we're talking about.

The students had planned the food fight as a fun end of school year prank. They brought a bunch of yogurts and had them all ready to fly.

More from WISCTV:

"So on the count of three, we stood up, whipped it, (and) everyone started screaming, running," said Portage High School sophomore Dylan Mitchell.

Within seconds, yogurt and taco salad were flying across the cafeteria. "(I) threw my milk. I picked it up, spilt it all over me, threw it," Mitchell said.

Two minutes later police were making arrests. The students now have $172 tickets for disorderly conduct.

The principal defended the decision to call police:

Principal Karin Exo said she stands by her decision to call in police, adding that the scene was "chaotic" and her priority was to protect students from a so-called joke that could have turned violent.

Mitchell told WISCTV he had no regrets even though he knows someone could have been seriously hurt. Awesome:

"We walked out of school in handcuffs and got a standing ovation from everyone in the school. It was pretty sweet," he said. "I think it was totally worth it."

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No Dessert Recipes Here !?

But here is News, Some Story, Pictures, Vdo Clips which you can e-mail for your friend. Enjoy !


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