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Students arrested, fined for food fight

Only in Wisconsin: Students arrested, fined for food fight

It's officially not fun to be a kid anymore. Yesterday we reported that one teen faces a felony charge for egging a house. Now we have the unfortunate job of reporting that five students were arrested in a Wisconsin high school for starting and participating in a food fight. Where's the fun in being a stupid teen anymore?

As police carted the food-tossing students out of the school in handcuffs, they received a standing ovation from their peers. That's what we're talking about.

The students had planned the food fight as a fun end of school year prank. They brought a bunch of yogurts and had them all ready to fly.

More from WISCTV:

"So on the count of three, we stood up, whipped it, (and) everyone started screaming, running," said Portage High School sophomore Dylan Mitchell.

Within seconds, yogurt and taco salad were flying across the cafeteria. "(I) threw my milk. I picked it up, spilt it all over me, threw it," Mitchell said.

Two minutes later police were making arrests. The students now have $172 tickets for disorderly conduct.

The principal defended the decision to call police:

Principal Karin Exo said she stands by her decision to call in police, adding that the scene was "chaotic" and her priority was to protect students from a so-called joke that could have turned violent.

Mitchell told WISCTV he had no regrets even though he knows someone could have been seriously hurt. Awesome:

"We walked out of school in handcuffs and got a standing ovation from everyone in the school. It was pretty sweet," he said. "I think it was totally worth it."

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